We are here for your free city.

Free City Platform is a collection of free and open source software that can be used to run a free city. Our mission statement.

Building a free city is a massive undertaking

We know how much work it is to build a free city.

We have built this platform from our experience building a free city and we want to share and build a community around this platform.

If you'd like me to contribute, please contact us on github.com/FreeCityPlatform

We love to code and we love to share

Every line of code we write is shared as open source.

Society can be organize through voluntary interactions between all humans.

Our platform is made with the principle of non-aggression in mind at all times.


We are firm believer in the Bitcoin protocol and we have built a lot of software around it. That doesn't mean all software integrates with Bitcoin, some software are standalone without any dependencies on Bitcoin or blockchains.

While we love Bitcoin, we also support other blockchains that are compatible with the Bitcoin protocol.

What have we built?

Decentralized Identity

We have built our own DID Method (did:is) implementation, but all our software supports the DID open standards. You will be able to use any kind of DID Method for our software, including did:ion.




The wallet is what keeps your keys secure. It holds your identities, money, credentials and more.



Social Network

We have built our own Nostr client that is feature rich and can be used for social networking, blogging, microblogging and more within your city. Your city can host private Nostr Relay that is only accessible to citizens of your city.



Atomic Swaps



Payment (Point-of-Sale)

The wallet supports generating payment requests that can be used by merchants to receive payment. We do not have a fully features Point-of-Sale software yet, but that is being developed in the future.


Decentralized and Trustless ICO platform built on Bitcoin.


Blockchain Explorer

Our blockchain explorer software is a multi-chain explorer.




Our indexer software can be used to index various data, including blockchain data.


What are we planning?


We are building a marketplace that can be used for trading goods and services.



We are building a card system that relies on the latest NFC standards that have cryptographic capabilities and allows very secure operations. The card can hold your identities, give you access to physical buildings, equipment, rooms and more. The card can also hold your money and be used for payments.


Property Registry

Can be used for land registry, and registry of other properties.

Dispute Resolution (DRO)

We are building software for DROs that relies on the DIDs (identities) and VCs (contracts/agreements).


Digital verifyable certifications that can be issued by educators, corporations and more. Keep track of them all in your wallet software.


Keep your contracts, digital or analog, stored and accessible through the platform.